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Creating prosperous and secure organizational cultures


Are you prepared to effectively lead and protect your greatest asset...your people?

Cowan Consulting was created with the goal of helping organizations create a safe and productive environment for their personnel by utilizing innovative techniques previously only utilized by the intelligence community to deal with threats. Our methods mitigate threats by creating a healthy organizational culture through effective leadership and analytic principles that benefits both the safety of organization personnel while simultaneously increasing profitability.       

Active-Shooter scenarios share more in common with terrorist attacks than most people realize and while everyone else is attempting to prepare for the possibility of being attacked Cowan Consulting is striving to bring real-world preventive measures to those outside the intelligence community so that Active-Shooter scenarios and other threatening situations can be stopped before they begin.

We provide services in Leadership Assessment and Training for a productive and secure work environment, Threat assessments, Active-Shooter prevention and response, Human Resources procedure recommendations, Security protocol recommendations and creation, and post-event Recovery. We are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area but we will travel.  





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Services Offered

Effective security is layered, therefore, each part of our services are meant to build on the others and together they give your organization the fullest ability to Deter threats by creating an organizational culture un-conducive to attack, Detect a threat before it becomes active, Respond to a threat if it becomes active, and Recover during and after a threat has become active.

threat assessment

The first step in protecting your organization is a proper threat assessment that can show you where you are vulnerable and how to address these issues. Cowan Consulting takes a Red Team approach to assessing the threats to which your organization could be susceptible. Red Teaming allows Cowan Consulting to take on an adversarial role and look at your organization from the perspective of the potential threat. The point of Red Teaming is to not only identify historically understood threats but to also identify potential threats that have not yet manifested themselves. This allows us to layer your security approach so that known threats are mitigated, and emerging and potential threats are considered as much as possible before they become active. 

Leadership/culture Assessment

An effective leadership team can create a culture within your organization that is both safe and productive. Effective leaders can bring together their area of responsibility into a cohesive team that simultaneously improves productivity and security. Leadership Assessment & Training is the key activity that will prepare your organization to eliminate threats before they become active by taking a top-down approach to simultaneously inspiring and securing your workforce which will give you a positive return on your investment (ROI).

Security Protocol Creation

Having proper security protocols in place is an important step to creating a safe environment within your organization. Security protocols must be thorough and well understood for them to be effective. Cowan Consulting can assist with writing effective security protocols for your organization.

active shooter preparedness training

The world we live in can be a dangerous place, however, you can mitigate your risk by ensuring that everyone in your organization has the knowledge to create a culture that will Deter nefarious activity, Detect threats before they become active, as a last resort, Respond if a threat becomes active, and Recover during and after an attack has ended and before medical services can gain access to the scene. The worst thing you can do is to not have a plan that is fully understood by everyone. This is the most comprehensive plan in the industry.

Counter-measure Training

Active-Shooter scenarios play-out rapidly and your employees need to know how to properly and quickly respond if it occurs in your facility. Counter-measure training will show your personnel how to respond to an event in their own work-space. Counter-measure training is akin to a fire-drill for active-shooter scenarios. Protecting your personnel should always be the first step in protecting your organization.

Continuity of operations planning (COOP)

After any sort of major event in your organization you might not have access to your facility for an extended period of time which could have devastating effects on the survival of your organization. Cowan Consulting can help you put a Continuity of Operations Plan in place to better mitigate the effects of any sort of major event in your organization and keep you running while you recover.

For every problem, there is a solution which is simple, neat, and wrong.
— H. L. Mencken


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